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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-05

Testing twhirl # Testing twhirl posting to Pownce # @drchrisheard Oh why? Why go XP? 😉 # @leolaporte Don’t you think there are some options between "feminist or racist"? # @colecamplese Twitter. Pownce is too much trouble. But I should be posting to both with twhirl. Have you tried it? Runs on AIR # @chrismillet […]

Threme 2

I have been tagged by Doug Chaplin of MetaCatholic with a meme of three. Three rules, tag three people. If this were by post it would be illegal, but here goes anyone (because I am flattered to be tagged, that’s how needy I am). Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging. Rule 2) List […]

More Comic News: Mecha Manga Bible Heroes

This time it is not a spoof. From Deanne at Merkavah Vision: A new Manga comic series, Mecha Manga Bible Heroes, is to commence in May 2008, with the promise that it “brings classic bible heroes to life in a whole new way!” The first of the Old Testament stories to be converted into a […]

Chick Tract’s Buy Classic Comics

This just in! LarkNews.com ONTARIO, Calif. – Jack Chick, author of Christian tracts, made a surprise purchase of some of the world’s best-loved comic strips and is spreading the gospel in typical Chick fashion through the Sunday funnies. Garfield, Ziggy, Blondie and a dozen other strips now belong to the Chick Publishing empire and are […]

Lenten Discipline: “Endure trials for the sake of discipline” 1

4 In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood. 5 And you have forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as children— “My child, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, or lose heart when you are punished by him; 6 for the Lord disciplines […]