Chick Tract’s Buy Classic Comics

This just in!

ONTARIO, Calif. – Jack Chick, author of Christian tracts, made a surprise purchase of some of the world’s best-loved comic strips and is spreading the gospel in typical Chick fashion through the Sunday funnies.

Garfield, Ziggy, Blondie and a dozen other strips now belong to the Chick Publishing empire and are filled with hooded apparitions, angels and other menacing fare. Chick’s strategy apparently is to combine classic Chick elements with strips’ longstanding formulas.

Darla Clark, a newspaper reader from Baton Rouge, says she was surprised to read Sunday’s “Blondie” strip in which Dagwood stands before the Throne of God giving account for his laziness and gluttony. It’s the first in a series called “Dagwood, This Was Your Life!”

“I found it disturbing and disheartening,” she says. “I thought maybe the cartoonist was having a personal crisis.”


For those unaware, is a spoof site. And if you are unaware of Chick Tracts here is an example of “This was your life.”

That entire tract is available here.
(HT to my good buddy Keith Amighty Otto!)

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