Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-04

(These are auto-generated form my Twitter feed, ostensibly, at midnight. BUt as you can guess were not posted yesterday but Sunday night during the Super Bowl.)

  • We can no longer say the AFC is the best is the best conference. #
  • The commercials are pretty good, but nothing tremendous. Even the online GoDaddy is funny, but only mildly so. #
  • Bridgestone-RIchard Simmons ad is great! The Genie ads are rubbish. #
  • Oh I cannot wait for Wall-E! #
  • Charlie Brown won! I liked that. Sentimental that I am. #
  • I think Fox’s use of the metal football player with the Terminator is possibly the best ads of the SB. #
  • Go Eli!! #
  • OK, I want a Big Wheel again. #
  • Sounds like there are more Giants fans in the stadium. What do others think? #
  • E*Trade with creepy clown is good. #
  • Lame Gatorade ad. #
  • Eli still looks like a kid. #
  • Giants should go for it. #
  • Amp’d commercial very weird and lame. #
  • Wow! How did Eli escape? @Ihnatko – it isn’t over yet. #
  • Yes! Giants! Now, the longest 30 seconds in Eli’s life…. #
  • Troy Aikman read my Twitter! #
  • Giants won! AFC – Who’s your daddy?! #
  • Belichick is a weenie! Sore loser. #
  • I am glad that Eli won the MVP but giving NFL stars a car as an award is ridiculous. #

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