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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-04

(These are auto-generated form my Twitter feed, ostensibly, at midnight. BUt as you can guess were not posted yesterday but Sunday night during the Super Bowl.) We can no longer say the AFC is the best is the best conference. # The commercials are pretty good, but nothing tremendous. Even the online GoDaddy is funny, but only mildly so. # Bridgestone-RIchard Simmons ad is great! The Genie ads are rubbish. # Oh I cannot wait […]

Looking for SuperBowl Ads?

Here they are all in one place. My top picks would be: the Bud Light fire breathing episode Bridgestone Richard Simmons/Alice Cooper Doritos Mouse Trap Iron Man! (which is not so much a vote for the commercial as eager for the movie, same is true for Wall-E) NFL Oboe commercial Worst, without a doubt: the racist Sales Genie ad Bud Light Semi Pro Amp’d Nipple Guy