Looking for Epiphany 3

Why is it that no matter how much I plan or even prepare during the week, I never seem to have time to sit down to write a sermon until 10 pm on Saturday night?


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3 thoughts on “Looking for Epiphany

  • Bob MacDonald

    Because preaching has to be real time – spoken from one who does not preach. What I find when I am preparing a presentation is that the text I might have said three days prior to the presentation is not what I will or must say when the time comes and the real people are interacting – whether they are silent or not.

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Thank you Bob! Very true, very true. Last night I was reading Spurgeon’s lectures to his students, the one concerning the importance of prayer, especially with regards to preparing a sermon. At one point he says,

    Most preachers who depend upon God’s Spirit will tell you that their freshest and bets thoughts are not those which were premeditated, but ideas which come to them, flying as on the wings of angels; unexpected treasures brought on a sudden by celestial hands, seeds of the flowers of paradise, wafted from the mountains of myrrh.

    A bit purple the prose, but true words nonetheless.

  • mabrady

    perhaps all tthat is said is correct,however, it is constant prepation that is what is required. That is Drawing from each days events, readings and musings.