New Poll: Scientology 3

The latest with Tom Cruise has me wanting to hear your opinions.[poll=6]


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3 thoughts on “New Poll: Scientology

  • Jim Deardorff

    I suppose it’s a religion, because, like Christianity, it has ample followers, and an organization that perpetuates itself. It does have one thing going for it, in contrast with its distasteful aspects.

    It realizes that the phenomenon called reincarnation is real. It is too bad that “mainstream” Christians lack the curiosity to look into all the evidence indicating how many persons’ past lives (usually the most recent past life) have been validated beyond any reasonable doubt and written up into the literature. They number well into the thousands. The earlier research on this has centered at the University of Virginia, much of it done by Prof. Ian Stevenson since the 1960s in his voluminous studies of “childhood cases of the reincarnation type.” These involve very young children here and there, as soon as they can talk, who speak about being someone else who lived somewhere else in/with some different family. Up to 40 and 50 specific statements made by the child and remembered by relatives, who checked out the past-life’s identity, have been validated in many cases. The childhood memories usually have faded away by age 6 or 8. Then there are numerous cases stemming from past-life hypno-therapy sessions. I prefer this bibliography on it all: .