Tom Cruise Salutes LRH 3

These videos are from 2005 when Tom Cruise won an award from the Church of Scientology, but they are just emerging now. Hooboy! I will leave it up to you all to watch and come to your own conclusions.

The 9:26 video

Exclusives: The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don’t Want You To See

And this page with multiple shorter videos and more description of the event. “The Freedom Medal Award Ceremony.” It is especially interesting to hear how Tom Cruise has single-handedly saved the world from psychiatry. I am just glad someone has!

File under “religion,” I guess…


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3 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Salutes LRH

  • Drew

    And what is interesting is that only Scientologists will help a person because…well…yeah…you know? Gosh it’s just so…um…wow.

    I found a link that probably illegally copied a Time article from 1991 here: I am looking for an article reference from either Time or Newsweek from the 80’s where Hubbard is quoted as saying something to the effect of one can only make money by publishing by the letter if one creates a religion. A student of mine presented this a couple of years ago for a really nice presentation and I cannot find the presentation materials unfortunately 🙁 Our students’ work is valuable stuff even if they don’t think so at the time!