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Tom Cruise Salutes LRH

These videos are from 2005 when Tom Cruise won an award from the Church of Scientology, but they are just emerging now. Hooboy! I will leave it up to you all to watch and come to your own conclusions. The 9:26 video Exclusives: The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don’t Want You To See And this page with multiple shorter videos and more description of the event. “The Freedom Medal Award Ceremony.” It is especially […]

Rabbinic Studies Blogs

I posted last week asking if anyone knew of good blogs covering rabbinic studies and literature. Jay Barnes posted with a reference to Balashon, but said that he too was having a tough time finding very many such blogs. I have found one other that I have added to my blogroll (personal one, not on this site, to update that takes effort and I am lazy!): Hagahot. I have not read enough of either to […]

Virginia Seminary Waives Tuition for All Black Students

This is really amazing and wonderful news. I will simply post it in its entirety from Stephen Cook’s blog: Virginia Seminary Waives Tuition for All Black Students I am very pleased that VTS has taken a giant step forward in helping to cultivate African-American leadership in the church. We are now offering full-tuition scholarships to each and every one of our black students from the U.S. Here are the Dean’s remarks from todays Dean’s Commentary: […]

Library of Congress Images on Flickr

If you love history and/or photography, this is fantastic! WARNING: Prepare to lose valuable work time perusing the photos! The Library of Congress tests the waters of Web 2.0 The United States Library of Congress has partnered with the immensely popular flickr photo sharing site. The goal is to increase the profile of their archive of over 14 million prints, photos and other visual materials (and to demonstrate that government collections can be surprisingly cool). […]