One Billion Dollars Later, New Orleans Is Still at Risk – New York Times

That is the rather ominous title to a sometimes alarmist but otherwise good piece in the NYTimes. The video is excellent as well. The story points out that while there is still lots of reconstruction that needs to occur in NOLA the Army Corps of Engineers has been working very hard and is building a system that is better than what was in place. Is it perfect? No. As the Commander who ends the video says, “Nature will always get the last at bat.” The point is that we can never completely protect a city from such a natural disaster.

All of that being said, and more could be said like the fact that differing topography will greatly affect how much water can be pumped from different regions of the city and that higher ground has always been more expensive thus going to the wealthier citizens of NOLA, but there is still much more to be done on the rebuilding of the city, not just the levees. We are still hearing of homes that have not been gutted 2 years after the fact. We are still hearing about the money provided by the federal government never making its way out of Baton Rogue of City Hall. There is much work to be done. As Jim W would say, “lest we forget.”

One Billion Dollars Later, New Orleans Is Still at Risk – New York Times


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