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Why not?! NASA Rules Out Repair to Gouge in Shuttle

NASA Rules Out Repair to Gouge in Shuttle NASA managers decided last night not to send astronauts on a spacewalk to repair a gouge on the bottom of the space shuttle Endeavour. My brother, dad (who worked for NASA), and I were discussing this last night. Why on earth (or in space) would one not go ahead and repair the gouge? No one seemed to be arguing that a space walk would cause more damage […]

Mac Missionaries

Geek Culture’s Joy of Tech is just brilliant and today’s comic lives up to their standards. It also brings together my various loves. Note the “Chick” tract in the hands of the missionary on the right and the title “Mactower”  for the “Watchtower,” the (nearly) matching outfits featuring Job’s now-trademarked mock turtleneck, and the appeal to “change the world.” Classic conversion techniques. 🙂  

One Billion Dollars Later, New Orleans Is Still at Risk – New York Times

That is the rather ominous title to a sometimes alarmist but otherwise good piece in the NYTimes. The video is excellent as well. The story points out that while there is still lots of reconstruction that needs to occur in NOLA the Army Corps of Engineers has been working very hard and is building a system that is better than what was in place. Is it perfect? No. As the Commander who ends the video […]