MacBreak Weekly has a Picks website

If you are a fan of Macs and Apple products in general, you should also be a listener of MacBreak Weekly, a TWiT netcast. At the end of each podcast they give their software pics and now there is a site documenting them! From TUAW:

MacBreak Weekly has a Picks website

MacBreak Weekly is one of my favorite podcasts. Listening to that crew wax ecstatic about the Mac industry, delve into ratholes where no man has gone before, and sometimes even toss a shout out to TUAW helps me get through those long errand trips around town and actually enjoy cleaning the house. Something I missed until last night, however, is that someone has actually started up a MBW Picks site to help keep track of everyone’s software and website picks from each show. Either a fan or a friend, Paul Mayson apparently runs the site and logs and links the picks from each show so you can easily check them out at your leisure. As of this writing, this new site goes back to MBW show number 45, and Mayson seems to be staying on top things after that.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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