Rested and Ready to Go!

In the airWe are back in England! We arrived yesterday morning at 8:40 am, 20 minutes early thanks to a 100 knot tail wind. After an hour or so in line for passport control and 40 minutes waiting for a very confused woman to finish her non-order (how do you come to a rental car place, argue for 40 minutes about a car and then leave without one?) we got into our Vauxhall Vectra with a Tom Tom and we were on our way! The Bodley

Along the M25 our son Mack was ecstatic to see Thomas the Tank Engine. He was life-size and up on a lorry. (Which was a relief to me. I had promised him he would see Thomas, since we were in England, etc. but wasn’t sure how or where. Now I was able to show him Thomas and obviously he was off to get a new paint job.) We arrived in Oxford by noon with a stop at Sainsbury for some essentials (McVities Digestive biscuits!).

After a short nap we headed downtown, I registered with the Bodleian Library (very quick since I had been a doctoral student they simply reactivated my status; because I was here on the cusp of digitization, 1993-1997, they already had my picture in the computer and just printed out the card, good through 2011), and we walked around the town taking some pictures (see our Flickr account and look for my daughter’s version of “Where’s Waldo”) and ended with dinner at the Bishop’s Mitre.

Today I am off to do some research for the paper I am presenting next week in Slovenia. I will meet with the representative of an undergraduate college for lunch to try and develop a study abroad programme in Oxford. So, for now, this is Oxford out!

In the Bishop's Mitre

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