And we are off!

Tomorrow morning I head off with the fam to the UK and then on to the IOTS/IOSOT conference in Slovenia. Needless to say, given the news lately, we are somewhat nervous. Please keep us in your prayers.

Blogging will of necessity be a bit more sporadic over the next few weeks. I am really looking forward to the conferences, with a number of very interesting papers on tap for IOTS. Mine is turning into a bit more of an introduction of my new book project on the targumim of the Megillot. I am inviting criticism because I am not even sure yet if this is viable and, in my experience, the best way to start work on a project of this sort (or to jump start a moribund project) is to talk about it with colleagues who very often (always) are more knowledgeable than I. It was six years ago at the IOTS in Basel, Switzerland that an extended discussion with Prof. Moshe Bernstein enabled me to break through some mental roadblocks and finish writing Vindicating God. I am looking forward to this meeting with similar expectations! (Not to put pressure on myself or anything like that. 🙂 )

BTW, I am also taking a Handy Zoom H4 recorder with me and, if all goes well and speakers are willing, I hope to be able to post the audio from our IOTS sessions.

I hope to see many of you soon!

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