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Just a few guys hanging out…

Two months ago we had a gala dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Schreyer Honors College. It was a great evening with wonderful people, especially the students (to get a sense of the amazing students I am bless to work with be sure to check out the video we created for the event). Why do I mention it today? Because the photos just came by from the photog, Mark Selders! […]

Ruth Bell Graham – Let Light Perpetual Shine Upon Her

One of the most amazing women in recent history died. My concern is that she will not be remembered for her strength (she told Billy that if he ran for president she would leave him and then no one would vote for a divorced man) but for her decisions that don’t fit into today’s accepted expectations. From the NYTimes, for example: By RICHARD SEVERO Published: June 15, 2007 But like many women of her generation, […]