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High or Low Marks for Christianity?

In comments on my post regarding Koppel’s panel and then on his own blog “DaNutz” Mike Leaptrott expresses his appreciate for The Lost Tomb of Jesus and his dislike of The Critical Look panel discussion that Ted Koppel led. I thought I would post here (instead of in the comments where it can get lost) my response triggered by his last comment. Mike said, I agree that one side of this argument is looking for […]

What’s in a Name? Master Mary @ Ralph

Ed Cook of Ralph the Sacred River has addressed an issue with the Talpiot reconstruction that I meant to comment upon but my sleep addled state precluded me from addressing. That is a good thing because Ed is smarter than I am and says it better 1. It is hard to understand why the Aramaic word would be used instead of a Greek one in the Greek ossuary. 2. It’s not clear exactly what form […]

“The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Critical Look” – Live Blog

Ted Koppel moderating with Simcha Jacobovici, James Tabor, William Dever, and Jonathon Reed. Koppel begins by asking why they only choose the Mariamne and Jesus ossuaries for the DNA evidence. SJ’s reply is that we just didn’t push the science that far (see also NYTimes in Feb. 27, 2007) and Koppel is pushing him… Dever is addressed now and states he has “no dog in this fight.” But he has issues with the film because […]