Illustrated Guide to Surviving a Sermon

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How to survive while listening to a sermon


I found this cartoon of mine on the following rather splendid page:

How to survive while listening to a sermon

These notes are set down in sympathetic recognition of the fact that most congregations suffer through the Sunday sermons with heroic fortitude. There must be a great number of Christians with extraordinary faith or else preachers would long ago have emptied the churches permanently! I say this as one who both preaches in pulpits and listens in pews. I can testify that it is much more fun to preach than to listen.

I quite enjoyed:

Strategy #3.
Let your mind wander. The art of mind-wandering is sadly neglected in these busy times. If the preacher announces a subject and clearly has nothing to say about it except plantitudes, let your imagination create the sermon that is eluding the preacher.

(Link to larger version of my sermon cartoon)

(Via The Cartoon Blog.)

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