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Upgraded and (Not So) Good!

FINAL UPDATE? I am not sure what worked and what didn’t but I am working my way back to 3k2. So far so good…again. UPDATE THE LAST: Changing the theme and deleting the old one (3K2) did it. Clearly it was the javascript having the same name causing all the trouble. So I hope you all don’t mind the new theme. I have lost the sidebar widgets, but did you all use them? Anyone miss […]

SBL Paper Proposals – Don’t forget Aramaic Studies

The following email should have arrived the other day to all SBL members. I also wanted specifically to remind folks about the Aramaic Studies Session. We hope to have two sections, one focusing upon Aramaic texts/issues relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Propose your paper now and avoid the rush! The Call for Papers for the SBL Annual Meeting is available on the SBL website at: http://www.sbl-site.org/Congresses/Congresses_CallForPapers.aspx?MeetingId=7 New Program units have been added! The Call […]