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FINAL UPDATE? I am not sure what worked and what didn’t but I am working my way back to 3k2. So far so good…again.

UPDATE THE LAST: Changing the theme and deleting the old one (3K2) did it. Clearly it was the javascript having the same name causing all the trouble. So I hope you all don’t mind the new theme. I have lost the sidebar widgets, but did you all use them? Anyone miss the RSS feeds to the other blogs? This theme is MistyLook, for those interested.

UPDATE 2: It is the theme. The link above is clearly on target. I have several files, including one from my template, labeled prototype.js but I am not sure which to alter or delete! I am going to change the theme and remove those old files and see what happens…

Also, the Search function, at least in my current theme, does not bring up all hits, just the first page of hits. Not sure what to do about that one.

UPDATE: Well, I spoke to soon. I am having some issues, that others have reported, with the composition window and javascript. I have tried the various solutions (clearing cache, toggling on all js options, etc.) and no luck so far.

Original Post:
(Well, looking the same, which is good.) I just upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.1 and everything seems to be working jus’ fine. You all actually won’t notice many differences (so far as I can tell), but the “controls” that I use behind the scenese are a little spiffier. I am sure there is other stuff too, but I don’t see it.


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7 thoughts on “Upgraded and (Not So) Good!

  • Cole

    I am using 3k2 at my blog on 2.1 without issue. Did you upgrade your plugins? I did a full out install of 2.1 (deleted all the old files) and everything worked just fine. Hmm…

  • cbrady

    I followed the instructions to the letter. Well, I will play with this theme for now and see what develops. I am not the only one having these issues so more info is sure to come.

    BTW, if you are getting errors on posting a comment, fear not, that too is happening to many and the comment does post.

  • Chris

    Well… I downloaded a fresh copy of 3k2 and then uploaded it to the blog’s site. Before I changed anything I tried to compose a post and BAM all the special WYSIWYG features were gone. The mere presence of 3k2 is causing problems with the javascript. Is it possible that you have altered your prototype.js in the theme so that it is no longer conflicting with 2.1? (This is the reported problem over at Lowstream.)

    (And in fact, now even after deleting 3k2 again, I still cannot get the features back! I have tried it on two machines. Aargh!)

  • Chris

    Reinstalled WP to no avail… This is going from bad to worse. I am not happy.

    OK. Just, shoot me. For some reason under Users, Options my profile was set to NOT use the visual editor. I know I did not play with that today and I know that earlier today I WAS using the visual editor… So I have no idea what happened there. Things seem to be working, although I am now editing this comment in the Dashboard area and I again do not have the visual editor. Is there a global option change? If so, I cannot find it.