Is this the end of Apple Computers?

Well, at least the name. They are now officially Apple, Inc.
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The end of Apple Computers
So. Apple has finally given the consumers what they think they want, and as cool a product as no doubt all the blogs will say it is, it could well turn out to be one of the disastrous decisions in history.

First things first: Apple Computer Inc. is now, legally, Apple Inc.

The other change in the keynote at Mac world was a series of absences:

No iLife update.
No iWork update.
No Demo of OS 10.5.
No new desktop machines.
No new laptops.
Most significantly, no “one more thing“.
Apple has put all of its metaphorical eggs into the basket of producing its own smart phone, which will, of course, be a truly wonderful piece of kit. It beats any current handheld or telephone, of that one can be almost sure.

Yet to do it, it has clearly had to divert a huge amount of developer (hardware and software) time into the creation of its new product, an iPod with phone and data.


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