Ralph Calls for an Atheist-Liberal Grudge Match

Sort of. No, really, I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t. Atheists vs. Liberals

Heave an egg outside a Pullman window anywhere in the United States today, and you will probably hit an atheist. In fact, I hope you do. There is a new prominence of what I term, drawing on my theological training, Mean Atheism. I refer to such writers as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, who are taking the old Village Atheist tradition to the … well, to the global village. Yeah, that’s it: the Global Village Atheists.

For orthodox Christians, it’s all rather tiring. Didn’t we just get done arguing down The DaVinci Code and guaranteeing that the movie would be the lamest and least successful Tom Hanks vehicle since Bonfire of the Vanities? We buried that sucka! Yeah! But now *sigh* there’s a new shipment of nitwits that are just begging for the old double-barrel rational refutation treatment. It’s exhausting. Can’t we get a break?

You know what I say? I say, Let the liberals handle it this time. We orthodox folks are going to take some time off, and we’d really like some of the usual left-wing religious suspects to take this on for us. How about Katherine Jefferts-Schori, new Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church? How about it, Kathy, you up for a fight? Why don’t you take on Sam Harris? How about you, John Shelby Spong? Marcus Borg? Elaine Pagels? Dom Crossan, why don’t you get in the ring with Richard Dawkins? Or John Hick: yes, you. Right now, start refuting. You do think there’s something to all this existence of God business, don’t you? Well, do us all a favor and crush some of these guys, or at least soften ’em up until the rest of us get back from Christmas vacation? Huh? Whaddya say?

No response? I thought so. Wimps.

(Via Ralph the Sacred River.)

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