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Latest Podcast – Jason O

Today I recorded the last Schreyer Stammtisch of Fall 06 for the Schreyer Honors College. I interviewed Jason Olcese, a senior majoring in Psychology and graduating next week. Jason is also an accomplished musician who released an album for his honors thesis. (Buy it here!) Below are two files, “Harriet’s Song” is the song that Jason played for us (world premiere!) live. The rest of the interview has his songs peppered throughout. I think it […]

Ralph Calls for an Atheist-Liberal Grudge Match

Sort of. No, really, I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t. Atheists vs. Liberals Heave an egg outside a Pullman window anywhere in the United States today, and you will probably hit an atheist. In fact, I hope you do. There is a new prominence of what I term, drawing on my theological training, Mean Atheism. I refer to such writers as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, who are taking the old […]