And to all a rockin’ night

From the Student blog at the SHC. It takes a sentence or two to find its groove, but it is worth it. This is what sets these students apart.

It started out as a typical weekend night: a stream of partiers heading downtown, a few cars passing lazily by, and a hint of snow riding the cold breeze sweeping Shortlidge street. But this was no ordinary night. Somewhere, from the darkness on the far side of the thoroughfare, a light shone forth. Small it was, but bright indeed, and at the first notes of Stairway, my heart skipped a beat. Yes, this was the night of Christmas Light Rock – a festival of music (but not quite Tupac). Away on the hill, a lone figure played, the amp sounding loud ‘cross the wide open way. He was dressed all in lights, from his head to his toes, and his music spread merriment from the high to the low. From up in the dorm, there arose quite a clatter: students clamored for “Free Bird” and started to chatter. Hearing the hubub, I ran down the street, searching for music put wings on my feet. As I drew into sight of the rocking-out man, I found he was Andrew McLean, one of my good friends. A fiend at guitar and a Scholar to boot, McLean looked quite jolly in his lighted-up suit. His hands flashed quickly over his hammering axe; the notes filled the air, people stopped in their tracks. For half an hour he jammed, his audience entranced, (some, my friends, even started to dance). Then he sprang quick away, to his crew gave a whistle, and to the dorms they flew like the down of thistle. But I swear he did whisper, ‘ere he ran out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all! And to all a rockin’ night!”


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