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And to all a rockin’ night

From the Student blog at the SHC. It takes a sentence or two to find its groove, but it is worth it. This is what sets these students apart. It started out as a typical weekend night: a stream of partiers heading downtown, a few cars passing lazily by, and a hint of snow riding the cold breeze sweeping Shortlidge street. But this was no ordinary night. Somewhere, from the darkness on the far side […]

New Izzy Podcast – Harry Potter 2

Last night Izzy shared her thoughts about The Chamber of Secrets. Mack joined us, ate crackers in the mic, and joined us in a reading of Pup Speaks Up. (Be sure to listen for mom calling us to dinner.) http://targuman.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/izzyb_hp2.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (4.8MB)  

Dawkins, God, and the presumption of Assumptions

My earlier post has generated a long discussion and now my brother has taken on this topic.  He has gathered actual sound clips from Dawkins himself. It is an excellent podcast and I encourage anyone interested in this topic to hear what he has to say. Dawkins, God, and the presumption of Assumptions My brother has chosen to poke the hornet’s nest, by writing about Richard Dawkins, and his apparent attack on no lesser figure […]