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Bibliobloggers @ SBL

Today 5 of us got together to chat about biblioblogs, SBL, and stuff. We covered blogging, teaching & tech, Hebrew Bible, U2, and tattoos (go with nun, bet, lamed). Tyler Williams – Codex http://biblical-studies.ca/blog/index.php/ Chrisian Brady – Targuman http://targuman.org/blog/ Stephen Cook – Biblishe Ausbildung http://biblische.blogspot.com/ Kevin Wilson – BlueCord http://bluecord.org/biblioblog/ Tim Bulkeley – SansBlogue http://bigbible.org/blog/ Oh, and guys, can you add me to your blogrolls? 🙂  

Religious Studies: Talk or Think?

We have been discussing just this subject in our sessions at SBL. See also McClay’s piece at SBL about “The Goal of Teaching Biblical and Religious Studies in the Context of an Undergraduate Education.” This is a report from the AAR conference that is concurrent with SBL (I belong to both societies). The study was done by Barbara E. Walvoord of the University of Notre Dame. The ‘Great Divide’ in Religious Studies In intro courses, […]

Why we read papers.

Or should that be a question mark? My brother, who is teaching Supply Chain and Business Logistics (although it occurs to me that there is another better title, I am sure he will provide it ;-)), commented today that he found it odd that at SBL we read our papers instead of providing them ahead of time and offering a summary. I don’t know that I want to defend all of our habits and methods […]