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Being a Christian in Studio 60

If you have not been watching Studio 60 on Sunset Strip I strongly encourage you to do so. Particularly if you are interested in how the media portrays Christians in their industry. Their treatment in this show is too complex for me to summarize here, but I will say that Sorkin is doing a much better job in this show than he did in West Wing. They put the past week’s episode up for one […]

Bibliobloggers at the SBL

I will be there! From Blue Cord: Rick at Ricoblog and Tim at Sansblogue have suggested that biblobloggers get together after the Computer Assisted Research Group meeting (1:00-3:00) on Sunday. We will be getting together at 3:00 pm in Room 103A – CC, which is where the CARG session will be. Although we can talk about this at 3:00 on Monday, I also wanted to suggest a dinner on Monday night. Most of the receptions […]