Bibliobloggers at the SBL

I will be there!
From Blue Cord:

Rick at Ricoblog and Tim at Sansblogue have suggested that biblobloggers get together after the Computer Assisted Research Group meeting (1:00-3:00) on Sunday. We will be getting together at 3:00 pm in Room 103A – CC, which is where the CARG session will be.

Although we can talk about this at 3:00 on Monday, I also wanted to suggest a dinner on Monday night. Most of the receptions are over at that point, so this night would be the one when most people are free. Although we don’t need to decide this ahead of time, I did want to put the idea in people’s heads.

Also, I wanted to suggest that we communicate through the message boards at the SBL. If anyone has a general note for bibliobloggers, put it on the message board in the ‘B’ section with ‘Bibliobloggers’ on the outside. I hope most of us will also be able to blog from the conference, so we can pass message to each other that way as well. But because not everyone will have a computer, I suggest the message board as our primary means of communication.

I look forward to meeting some other bibliobloggers in person.

(Via Blue Cord.)

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