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I loved my Microsoft Intellimouse Trackball Explorer, but it stayed at Tulane. What I didn’t know was that MS no longer makes it and they are hard to find other than in lots of 5-10 on eBay. So, I decided to try something else: The Logitech MX Revolution
Well, my first mouse didn’t work so I had to take it back to BestBuy at lunch time. Logitech told me on the phone that some of them had bad receivers (the usb portion). The second one worked immediately.

Mini review-

I really like the size and weight. I like a heavier mouse and this is great. The much touted scroll wheel is impressive. So far I am frustrated because the “global” settings don’t seem to be truly global, but the ability of the mouse to detect what I am doing and adjust is amazing.

Example: I am in a long Word doc; setting is to start in click-scroll and then adjust to free spin mode with a bit of speed; perusing a single page it clicks one line at a time but when I give the wheel a flick it starts whipping through the pages. Very nice.

The “click” of the wheel is a little heavy perhaps but very solid feeling. The form is great for my large, right hand. I am so glad to have my forward/back buttons back for browsing! The thumb wheel for app switching doesn’t seem quite what it should be (but that could be me).

All in all: B+ but it may be get better as the user improves.

BTW – If anyone out their has an MS Trackball Explorer sitting around gathering dust let me know. I would still like to have one!

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