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Get in your Car and go see Cars!

Tonight we went to see Cars! E and the kids got tickets early (good thing too!) and it was worth it! OK, here is my confession about Cars. Not cars in general, I like them far too much and spend too much time looking over mags and websites about things I would never own, but that is not what I wanted to confess. I have been worried about this movie. Pixar has made tremendous films, […]

Go Southeast, Young Man – New York Times

Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Aspen Institute and a member of Tulane University’s board has “Go Southeast, Young Man”in the New York Times I think it is a good piece with sound suggestions. He comments that New Orleans is a tale of two cities these days. In areas that were smashed and then sat for weeks underwater when the levees broke, the devastation still stretches for miles and the valiant cleanup efforts seem as daunting […]