Get in your Car and go see Cars!

Tonight we went to see Cars! E and the kids got tickets early (good thing too!) and it was worth it! OK, here is my confession about Cars. Not cars in general, I like them far too much and spend too much time looking over mags and websites about things I would never own, but that is not what I wanted to confess. I have been worried about this movie. Pixar has made tremendous films, each one better than the last. Toy Story was incredible. Best movie I had seen in ages. Until I saw TS2 (Bugs Life was OK, but didn’t really float my boat. The links are all here.) But then Monsters, Inc. came out (best ever!) followed by Nemo (currently our 2 year old son’s favorite and always makes me choke up) and then The Incridibles. The Incredibles is my all time favorite movie, bar none. Bondian, family, Star Wars special effects (literally, one whole sound track is lifted from a SW film, can you name the scene?), and a very real and touching lesson about family life. There was no way Cars could live up to that. And…it doesn’t.

BUT, we absolutely loved Cars. It is not TI, but it is an excellent movie. Very fun with great (if sometimes predictable) script writing and the usual amazing images. The details are there, as always, such as the bugs that are Beetles that leave tracks on the windows and the “contrails” in the sky are tire treads. I found the eyes on the cars themselves a little freaky, very flat and if you focused too much on them you realize that all of the characters’ emotions are depicted everywhere but in the eyes. I personally preferred Lightning’s white-walls and candy paint job better than his racing kit. You can see the end coming from a mile away. Or can you?

These are hardly complaints (especially not about the ending! I was not the only dad hooping and wiping a tear). We really enjoyed Over the Hedge, but this is by far the best movie of the summer. Be sure to stay for the credits and see how many of the cameos you can guess before they scroll by. Considering that NASCAR is the largest spectator sport in the US this film is sure to be the highest grossing of its kind, perhaps of any this summer.

Oh, and the sound track is great too. iTunes has special playlists created by each character. I have a hunch we will be buying Sally’s before long.

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