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“Faces of Christ”

I will be teaching “Historical Jesus” later this summer. I always enjoy finding different images to use in my PPT. The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts has this nice display of a a dozen images. All of which are better than the creepy Jesus painting by Mr. Van Pelt. For example Jesus helping the Dentist or Jesus helping the secretary. Feel free to make up your own captions, someone else has even started the thread […]

Archives Fixed

I didn’t realize my archives weren’t posting to the right place thus making those links dead. For those considering moving here is the tip: my archives are in a subfolder (subdirectory) of another folder/directory. You need to specify this under Blogger settings or it will simply place the archive files (the index page at least) in the root directory.  

Bishop of Oxford | Science does not challenge my faith – it strengthens it

This is a surprisingly (to me) good article by Bishop Harries. A taste of the piece (be sure to read it all): Yet for all the polemic and literary fireworks, all this remains a show to watch rather than a serious engagement with the truth. This is because of four fundamental failures. First, these writers focus exclusively on the worst examples and excesses of religion. Daniel Dennett, for example, seems to have a bible-belt fundamentalist […]