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The Airchive – Boeing Memorabilia

I am not the greatest of flyers (it is the down diddy down that always gets me), but when I do fly I enjoy learning something about the aircraft. I stumbled across this“The Airchive – Boeing Memorabilia” with amazing (and sometimes humorous) images from Boeing’s brochures that they used to sell planes to airlines. My favorite picture: Mrs. Brady? Is that you?!  

.Mac Shelters Scientific Data from Katrina’s Wrath

A UNO prof used .Mac to get his data and students through Katrina. I long ago gave up .Mac (too much money for what it offered me) but though my sites hosted by 1and1 and my blog I was able to keep in touch with students and faculty. Technology really came into its own with regards to humanitarian needs last August/September.  

Iscariot and the dark path to the Field of Blood – Comment – Times Online

Geza Vermes comments on the role of Judas Jesus’ arrest. Vermes is an insightful historian with a fascinating personal history. He does not believe that Jesus really was the Messiah, etc. but treats the NT with respect as an historical source (one that must be read carefully, like any other ancient text, of course, but without assuming that it must be in error as many today are wont to do). Some of the theological arguments […]