Students Agree on Importance of Religion but Differ on What Role It Should Play in Politics, Poll Finds

From The Chronicle: Daily news: 04/12/2006 — 03

Whether they identify themselves as Democrats or Republicans, college students agree on the importance of religion and share a concern for the country’s moral direction. But their views on the role religion should play in politics break down along party lines, according to a new poll of student’s political and religious views.

Key bits:

But when it comes to mixing religion and politics, views diverged sharply. Fewer than a quarter (21 percent) of self-described Democrats said they wanted to hear politicians discuss religion. In contrast, 56 percent of those identifying themselves as Republicans thought politicians should discuss religion. A majority of college Republicans (62 percent) said they perceived religion’s influence in American life to be declining and felt that that was a “bad thing.” But 54 percent of college Democrats said that religion was gaining influence and, by a ratio of two to one, considered that a negative trend.

The summary of the poll can be found here on their site.

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