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This is some of the best parady I have read in a LONG time. It is from the April Fool’s edition. I may not agree with all the sentiments, but the anonymous student captured Tony and Mike to a “T.”

Pardon the Interruption
Green Wave Edition

March 31, 2006

Tony Kornheiser: Hi, boys and girls. On our last show, we talked about the suspension of Duke lacross, controversial baseball scandals and what the direction the NFL will go in after the retirement of the great Paul Tagliabue. Today, it’s fitting we go full circle to a unversity that has had a number of sports suspended, and it’s leaders are facing controversy again over what to do with their athletic department at Tulane University.

Michael Wilbon: First of all, Yo’ boy Tagliabue was not great, he was just greedy, just like Scott ‘Communist’ Cowen down there at Tulane. Let me tell you something, Tulane has a great baseball team, had a great tennis program, had a great swimming & diving program, had a great soccer team, but that’s all gone. You know why?

Tony: Why, Michael?

Michael: Cause Cowen wants to “Think Green,” as they say down there on St. Charles Avenue. He wants to keep the football team, and keep the basketball team. Why? For them green backs, that’s why. Swimming & Diving won’t bring money, but football and basketball could.

Read it all!

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