I’m moving! (My blog, that is.)

I think I have this thing figured out. I can still use the features of Blogger while hosting the blog on my own server. Please update your newsfeeds for http://www.targuman.org/blog/!

I am going to try and keep this blog name in order to redirect folks…

UPDATE: That is why the above says “Targuman.org, I now have two “Targuman” blogs that I can see in the Dashboard, but you all will only see the “new” targuman.blogspot.com. Confusing, if you ask me.

UPDATE PART 2: Following on Justin’s questions (which I also had)
Blogger continues to do all the work, including keeping ltrack of my archives, it is all just stored on my server. The result is that in Dashboard you will still see your blog, with all its archives, etc. but, unless you immediately reregister your blogspot.com name, you will lose that url. So below you should see “Targuman.org” (my old blog with the new name; includes all my old and new stuff, just like before) and “Targuman” which is a NEW blog created solely to keep my blogspot name.

UPDATE PART 3: The redirect should now be working! So welcome to the new home of the Targuman Blog!

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