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Emil Brunner on “instantaneous” resurrection

I wrote years ago on a personal theory about “when” resurrection occurs in “’Soul Sleep’ or Immediate Resurrection?” Over the years it has, for obvious reasons, become a subject I have thought about often, but until this week no one had pointed out other scholars with similar views. I never thought I was original in my thinking, nor particularly articulate. This week Charles Miller commented on that previous post and shared this quote from Emil Brunner’s The Eternal Hope. […]

“Realized” Eschatology

My friend Richard Wright has picked up the thread of our discussion on Mangy Dog and added quite a bit, particularly a long quote from Achtemeier. He (Richard) summarizes things for me quite nicely in the paragraph: A theme that seems to be emerging from both Achtemeier and Wright is what one might call realized eschatology. Paul the Apostle begins with the past (what God has done for Israel -> what God has done in Christ Jesus) […]