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“Steeples rising high”

“Steeples rising high”Originally uploaded by Targuman While walking in Muir Woods looking up at these redwoods I was reminded of Bob Bennett’s song Mountain Cathedral. I used to sing this to my daughter as she was drifting off to sleep when she was little. What had been a nice song that brought me some comfort now brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of quiet times with my girl. (Yes, I am a […]

British child trade

No, it is not illegal, that is the problem. As Australia apologizes today for its part in receiving up to 150,000 children from Britain, children who were “taken from single mothers and impoverished families in Britain,” as migrant workers Britain is doing it again. Similar practices continue to exist in Britain and there are calls for even more aggressive actions. I realize that children have to be protected and Jim W’s Total Depravity posts all […]