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Disgraceful Desecration Of Boalsburg Cemetery

Our son Mack is buried in this beautiful and historic cemetery. Many of the graves go back to the 18th century and is concerned by many to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. (The picture of the “three widows” commemorates that original, impromptu Civil War remembrance.) We chose this cemetery because on one side of it are soccer […]

The 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address 1

Today marks that anniversary. There are events going on around the nation and I offer these photographs taken at the Soldier’s National Cemetery. More can be found on my flickr. President Lincoln was a remarkable man in so many ways, but, as he points out in the quote below, he was like all of us […]


Swanning About

The best wallpaper for a gold iPhone 5s? 1

I may or may not be moving up to an iPhone 5s. My wife things the gold is just too bling for a guy like me, but it did occur to me that this picture I took of two swans in Schwäbisch Hall would be a perfect wallpaper. Like this:Like Loading…

Take Aim 1

Fire! The article has been slain. (No doubt typos remain to be tidied up.) Now to prepare for the real research objectives for the summer! More on the Targumim of the Megilloth and finally to crack into my book on Targum Ruth. And we get to do it all from Freiburg, Germany. Stay tuned! Like […]

At Funland in Rehoboth Beach, DE

by Paul Vermeesch

Building an article, one LEGO at a time 2

Why is that writing articles so often feels like trying to put together a LEGO? I swivel my head back and forth from the texts (instructions), looking for the odd shape pieces that fit into the argument. Piece by piece, brick by brick, it takes shape, but somehow it still seems oddly 8-bit. Like this:Like […]

Creeping Sun

Grand Canyon 1

This past week I had the great joy and pleasure of being at the Grand Canyon with my family and our Leadership Academy students. I have posted some of the sunrise shots at Targuman | PhotoBlog. Like this:Like Loading…

It’s just a hat 36

But not any more. This picture of Mack was taken shortly after Christmas 2011. You can read more about the studio session on my PhotoBlog. That fall I had purchased this silly little gray fedora from Target. I am a practical person and my head gets cold in the winter, but I am vain so […]

Silly Boy

What choices will you make?

Making a Positive and Lasting Difference

Written for our Presidential Leadership Academy blog. Life should be about making a positive difference in the world around you. That is the vision of our college: To educate men and women who will have an important and ethical influence in the world, affecting academic, professional, civic, social, and business outcomes. It is important that […]