Pigs & Gas! Your chance to support the Amani Children’s Home

A former student of mine has been working for many years to support Amani Children’s Home in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania. This is an amazing home for underserved children in their region. This is not an orphanage but rather a small community that provides care and support for children whose parents cannot or will not take care of them.

Amani Children’s Home is a residential community center in Tanzania for children whose parents have abdicated custody in a climate of personal hardship or abuse. We support families: our ultimate goal is educational empowerment, reunification with relatives, and holistic healing. Our core mission is to aid underserved children in their academic endeavors, emotional development, physical wellbeing, through full-time residential care.

As they seek to be ever more self-sustaining as well as sustainable, they are looking to build a biogas power generator. This will allow them to reduce their impact on the environment while supplying the Home with reliable energy source for cooking fuel and electricity. Once built, the biogas system produces energy through the breakdown of organic matter such as food scraps and animal waste in the absence of oxygen. Biogas is growing in popularity in East Africa as a sustainable, affordable, and safe alternative to environmentally unfriendly fuels. Its widespread use lends itself to easy and accessible servicing.

The beauty of this system is that it uses “organic matter,” that is, food scraps and poop! You know who makes a LOT of poop? Pigs! You know what tastes good and is a good source of protein? Pigs! So in addition to seeking funds to build this biogas generator, Amani Children’s Home is also starting a piggery. These pigs will provide more efficient source of food as well as a source of energy through the biogas system. And all of that together will also help them on their goal towards financial independence.

We can help them get started on this project! Combined, the biogas and pig projects require just below $10,000. Ultimately, they will not only yield protein and power, they will produce a profit as well! This is the best kind of financial support, the sort that leads to independence. Between this blog, Twitter, and Facebook, there are thousands of wonderful people who read my verbal salad. If everyone just gave $5-10 we could reach $10,000 in one month!

Please go to the Amani Children’s Home Network for Good site to make your donation. A simple one-time gift would be great, you could make it recurring, or you can even make the gift in honor of someone else!

Let’s do this! Let’s raise the money needed to help Amani Children’s Home self sufficient!

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