Dig Here Said the Angel, by Daniel Amos

“We’ll All Know Soon Enough”

I have written about and shared this album before (hard to believe almost 2 years ago now), but I have been listening to it while traveling this week. Just an incredible reflection on mortality and faith. This song is particularly powerful, if perhaps cryptic.

Dig Here Said the Angel, by Daniel Amos
Dig Here Said the Angel, by Daniel Amos

We’ll All Know Soon Enough

from the album “Dig Here Said the Angel”

Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor
©2013 Shape of Air Music

We were anxious for our prayers to be answered
But our angels were distracted and so slow
We were hoping for a few quick fixes
But we found ourselves still down in the hole
Now we’re thinking that our prayers aren’t answered
‘Cuz when it came the answer was “No”

We were begging for some kind of protection
And for a change in our dark circumstances
We were walking down the miracle mile when
We chalked it up to happenstance
As the same rock we stood on crushed us
And we called it a coincidence

There may be no heaven, no, no, no
There may be no hell, no
There may be no place to go, but
We’ll all know soon enough
If what your mother said was true
Though Old Testament and cruel
Did she serve you one too many drinks of the hard, hard stuff?
Well, we’ll all know soon enough
We’ll all know soon enough

There’s the same old man down on the corner
He cries ‘Repent, you fools, the end is near!’
He’s just a mean old man with a bible in his hands
Out peddling his dose of fear.
So why should we take his big bitter pill
And wash it down with a bucket of our tears


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