Missing our Funny Valentine

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with our friends the Cobes on Friday evening. Yesterday Elizabeth wrote a wonderful reflection on our love and loss. It begins,

CMB_5506“Something quite unexpected has happened. It came this morning early. For various reasons, not in themselves at all mysterious, my heart was lighter than it had been for many weeks…And, suddenly, at the moment when, so far, I mourned H. least, I remembered her best. Indeed it was something (almost) better than memory; an instantaneous, unanswerable impression. To say it was like a meeting would be going too far. Yet there was that in it which tempts one to use those words. It was as though the lifting of the sorrow removed a barrier.” – C.S. Lewis

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the special Cobes family here with us to share gifts, yummy food, we wore pink fuzzy mustaches and drank pink champagne. We have much in life to celebrate. Izzy and I bought Darth for Mack, and one for his buddy John, we knew he would’ve loved it. And, we all love him and miss his funny, quirky, kind spirit of pure energy.

Be sure to go and read the rest of it. I promise it won’t make you sad (well, maybe just a little bit), but it will encourage you to continue to find joy in the lives we are blessed with, both now and forever.

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