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The Power to Shape and Influence Language

I have assigned The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership for the students in our Presidential Leadership Academy. It is an easy read with a lot of good observations from Steve Sample, former President of the University of Buffalo and the University of Southern California. In one chapter, “You Are What You Read,” he argues for the importance of reading such classics as Machiavelli’s The Prince, Plato’s Republic, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Othello. He is also argues that the Bible, especially the narratives about Moses, […]

Jesus is my B-Boy

We had all misinterpreted the Book of Revelations [sic], Jesus and Mr. Satin Satan, the Breaking Beast, will have a breakdancing battle! Armageddon is really a valley-wide floor of cut up cardboard boxes. Or in other words, since I cannot un-see this I want you to share my pain. Thanks (complaints) to Dan Piraro for finding this gem. Attributions to whomever is brave enough to claim creative rights. (Imagining him doing a gyro with no […]