Fine Art Appreciation

Mack’s Girlfriend

Fine Art Appreciation
Fine Art Appreciation

He would be horrified that I use that term, but this week we met the young lady (and lady is the correct term) that Mack had been talking about all year. They are in different classes but ride the same bus. That was their time. She is the most incredible, wonderful girl. She loves sports, is very articulate and funny, and sits ramrod straight (reminds me of someone who I married nearly 20 years ago). She and her mother came over to bring a book of photos and memories from Mack’s school and while we had tears in our eyes it was a wonderful hour and a half. She (I will refrain from the name for now) went up to the loft to see Mack’s LEGO world and then up to his room. She shared how Mack would tell her stories about places we had traveled and silly jokes. She teared up now and then and her mother told us (when she was out of the room) that our friend worried “who will be my crush now?” As we said goodbye I knelt down and gave her a hug. I looked into her eyes and said,

“You will always be Mack’s girlfriend.”

The smile that came to her face was nothing less than radiant, pure joy. As the left she skipped happily along side her mom and I think I heard her say, “He told me that I’m …!”

Elizabeth said it best this morning. In just less than 9 years Mack managed to do it all: live a life full of joy, find his passion for soccer, and a partner.

May we all be so blessed.

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