Help me select a photo

CrashBark DropHyacinthDSC07218Old Main on a clear winter day.DSC00300.JPG
LightsDSC01222.JPGSnow fliesArrow LoopPelican in flightBirds on a Wire
TransportColor ExplosionForsythiaDSC04161.JPGWhite fallSquirrel
The windTrees & RockSan Diego TrainDSC06685HorizonDSC06644

Some of my favorites, a set on Flickr.

I am going to make a LARGE (roughly 4’x3′) print to hang in my office. Or, alternatively, print 3 or 4 BIG (11×14 or larger) images to fill the same space.

The challenge: Which picture(s)? Please feel free to take a look at this collection and let me know which you think I should print and hang! (And please do visit the set, there are 146 photos in there, not just the 24 shown here.)

Via Flickr:These are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Some I use for desktop images. Some are seasonal and others are specific to Penn State. You are welcome to use them for private purposes (computer desktop, print out). Please do NOT use them in any other manner without my permission (e.g., presentation, website, etc.).Otherwise enjoy! And drop me a note if you like and use any of them!

KEO asked what the space looked like so here is a quick iPhone shot:

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