Two observations, no, scratch that, two complaints about hotels

I travel a decent amount in this job so I spend a fair amount of time in hotels. When I was in college and graduate school I worked in hotels. (I was the weekend manager for a small hotel in Oxford for just over 3 years.) I have opinions about hotels.

Sometime in the last five years someone decided that cleaning staff should close the drain stopper in sinks and tubs, presumably to indicate that they had, in fact, interacted with the bathroom enough to push the drains closed. Ridiculous. All this means is that when I first brush my teeth the sink fills up before I realize I need to unplug it. I start running the shower and step into ankle deep water and have to bend over and unplug it… Yes, I am whining.

More substantially, I would like to complain on behalf of those of us vertically challenged. The middle of my back is always well within the range of the shower head, but more often than not I have to contort myself to wash my hair. Why not simply makes the shower head suitable for tall people? There is no (or marginal) cost to doing so and it would not adversely effect those below 6 feet tall. Please consider this simple gesture?

By the way, otherwise the Blackwell Hotel at Ohio State University is outstanding. A really beautiful and well maintained environment.

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