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Hebrew Alphabet Soup – OSU Library

Tonight we had a great dinner on the 11th floor of the newly renovated Ohio State University library. As you enter you walk over a very cool metal “sculpture” of the English alphabet mounted in the floor. While waiting for the elevator I noticed that they had the paleo-Hebrew alphabet! Very cool! No, wait… You see the problem? The letters are correct, but they are “reading” from left to right instead of right to left. […]

Two observations, no, scratch that, two complaints about hotels

I travel a decent amount in this job so I spend a fair amount of time in hotels. When I was in college and graduate school I worked in hotels. (I was the weekend manager for a small hotel in Oxford for just over 3 years.) I have opinions about hotels. Sometime in the last five years someone decided that cleaning staff should close the drain stopper in sinks and tubs, presumably to indicate that […]