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DSC01222.JPGAutumn LeavesFocusVisionSunset at Manhatten BeachLeavesSightDSC05226Bark DropNovember Backyard

Some of my favorites, a set on Flickr.

Our local country fair (“The Grange”) is coming up soon and this year I am going to enter some photos in the competition. Only four are allowed so I am picking through them all. Care to help? Head over to my flickr account and comment on your favorites, from the “Favorites” set linked above, or any of them!



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9 thoughts on “Picking Photos

    • Chris Brady Post author

      You have indeed found that I usually am using the Sony Alpha. It unfortunately is dying on me. The good news is that I will be upgrading to a Nikon D7000 this fall. 🙂

      That begin said, the old saying that “the best camera is the one you have with you” is true. Some of my favorite pics were taken with my iPhone or the little Sony Cybershot I keep in my bag.

    • Chris Brady Post author

      The autofocus motor is starting to make the dying noise. A quick search on the web showed it to be a common problem (although more often with the lens than the body, as in my case) and the fix is far more costly than the body is worth. This is particularly disappointing because the kids are starting to use it a LOT and I was hoping they would be able to continue to do so. At the moment it is still running, just a grinding noise at start and then it is fine. Until the next start.

      BTW, I admit I was inclined to think the kids had done something to it until I saw how common the problem is. It seems that many entry level DSLRs are now “disposable,” designed for about 30k shots and then simply to cheap to replace over a repair.

  • Steve Brady

    I am curious why the switch to Nikon–the D7000 has the same CMOS sensor as the Sony Alpha SLT-A55, both get equally rave reviews from DPReview, and the Sony is $300-$600 cheaper…

    • Chris Brady Post author

      A camera is much more than the sensor. (You can see this analogy coming.) This is like comparing Windows and Apple machines because many have the same Intel processor. A camera is the sum of its parts, lens, body, shutter, software, etc. In fact, the D5100 has the same sensor as well and is even better at video than the 7100 and the Sony is given best marks on that as well. But the D7100 is a better package that I think will last me much longer.

      Probably the biggest single factor in my decision, including against the D5100, is the lenses. With the Nikon I will be able to use the excellent Nikkor lenses (eventually, it all takes money of course). With the D7100 that includes OLD lenses (unlike the D5100) which can often be acquired for a fraction of the cost of the new ones and the glass is still very good. So someday I may actually get that fisheye lens I have wanted since 7th grade. 😉

    • Chris Brady Post author

      The video will be nice and of course the Sony really does shine there, probably better than the 7100 and the 5100 is better than the 7100 in that area too. But I know I will not do that much with video.