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British child trade

No, it is not illegal, that is the problem. As Australia apologizes today for its part in receiving up to 150,000 children from Britain, children who were “taken from single mothers and impoverished families in Britain,” as migrant workers Britain is doing it again. Similar practices continue to exist in Britain and there are calls for even more aggressive actions. I realize that children have to be protected and Jim W’s Total Depravity posts all […]

Blogging Etiquette: The Linkback

This past week I posted a few cartoons, cards, and other amusing bits that I thought my readers would appreciate. And it seems that many of you did! So much so that you re-blogged the items and I am glad that you did since that helps others learn of my blog. But I also noticed this week that in a couple of instances folks did not link back to my blog. The result, of course, […]