On the road

dimI am in Washington DC for the next two and a bit days for the National Collegiate Honors Council conference. It is a surprisingly large conference and one of the best things that they do is bring in students who do presentations and poster sessions. (With scholarships being given for the best work.)

DC is my home town, more or less. I grew up in Maryland, just down 270, and when you are from this area you are from DC. Still, the area has changed tremendously since I went to college. At the exit for my parent’s house 270 is now 10 lanes! It was 2 when I was growing up. All over the region corn fields are now overgrown with townhouses that just two years ago were selling for north of $600k. It makes me a bit sad, but at least Jimmie Cone is still there.

While I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues, especially those from the Big 10 (so big there are 11 schools!), I hope to get some reading and writing done while I am here. My SBL paper still needs attention and I have a few drafts on Genesis 2 that I want to share with you all. And then there is the podcast for the SHC to put up. All in all, I think it will be a productive couple of days. And then it is a race back home to see the kids trick or treat! Izzy has a great costume idea.

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