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Genesis 1 – Creating a biblical context

Daniel McClellan has been following and contributing to our discussion of Genesis 1 on his own blog and today posted some thoughts on where he places Genesis 1. In my mind, contextualization is one of the best interpretive keys in questions like this. The more we know about the context into which the author presents this text the better we should be able to evaluate their intentions, assumptions, and dogmas. I see Gen 1:1–2:3 as […]

The strength of charity

I have spent most of the day either in meetings or taking phone calls from reporters. It was a good day all in all. The reporters were interested in the recent story that broke about our honors college’s capital campaign (see the note below). What I wanted to note about it here was the great amount of support that people have shown for students in need. In this case, the support is coming from parents […]