Welcome back to Biblioblogdom Brandon Wason!

After a couple of years away from writing his own blog Brandon Wason is back with Sitz im Leben. Perhaps the first to state that he is creating a “biblioblog.”

This blog is a biblioblog, which simply means that its main focus is on the academic study of the Bible. Though I hope to touch on topics related to all aspects of the Bible, I’m primarily interested in the origins of Christianity. Thus, the blog will focus on the New Testament, its Greco-Roman and Jewish backgrounds, and other early Christian writings.

… Although I am generally more interested in historical aspects of early Christianity, I try to view the texts through the lenses of history and theology. While at Candler I also gained a greater interest in and appreciation for the Jewish milieu of Christian origins, which has also helped to balance out my Classics degree. In the fall, I will begin work on my PhD in New Testament. I am very grateful to be staying at Emory and to work with so many first-class scholars. It is my hope that this blog will function as a sounding board for ideas and help me to interact with other people interested in early Christianity.

It is a beautiful looking blog template and the content I am sure will be sparkling as well. I look forward to reading Brandon again!

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